A Twisted 15 Puzzle for the iPhone!

My friend Brian had a great idea for an iPhone game. A standard 15-puzzle, with a twist.

The iPhone has a built-in accelerometer that can be used to figure out which way the iphone is pointed. Brian's genius idea was to use that positioning to slide the pieces of the puzzle. After a non-stop night of hacking, This is what came out.

How to play

When you open up 15, you will see 15 tiles numbered 1-15. The board will jumble itself up (40 times!) and your job is to get it back in order. Here's where the twist comes in - you don't drag the pieces, you tilt your iPhone and let gravity do the work for you!

The pieces not moving?

Make sure that your springboard has reloaded in order for the motion sensing to work!


You can find 15 on Installer.app, or download the archive directly from this site: 15 game.


I would not have been able to make this game if not for the generous code from other iPhone coders. In that tradition, I am making the source code to this game available here: http://opus.winelibrary.com/fifteen/trunk. Enjoy!

News and Updates


I can be contacted at: kastner@gmail.com


Without the following people, this would not have been possible